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Denim Fit Guide

When you're shopping for vintage jeans or pants know your measurements. Don't rely on your modern size.  

Vintage jeans were made as 'shrink to fit' which means that jeans would shrink after washing and mold to the owner's body. We measure each pair of vintage jeans carefully because we know that there can be variation between the tag size and the measured size as a result of 'shrink to fit'. 

Our listing titles tell you the waist measurement of each pair of jeans or pants. Measurements are taken with the garment laying flat, as shown in the illustration below. We double the flat waist measurement to get the true size. For example, when we take a flat waist measurement of 13 inches, we double that number to get the true size; 26. 

If you have questions about fit, or anything else, we are here to help. Email us: 

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